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I have been using "The Captain" for the past five years.  It is my experience with coaching athletes that they all play their best when positively motivated.  The problem is that it's hard to find things that will motivate all players throughout the year.  I have never found any item that was a better motivational tool for players than "The Captain."  I could not imagine coaching a team at any level without this tool to support my coaching strategy.

Coaches can adapt it to their coaching style, player level, and desired outcome.  I know many coaches that swear by "The Captain," yet we each have a slightly different method in which we use the product.  I have never met a coach that, once they've tried the product, felt that it wasn't helpful in the individual's or team's performance.

Dave Sexton
Midget A Head Coach
2007 MAHA Coach of the Year

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I use "The Captain" as the letters for my captains. I like the fact they are easily removable vs. sewn on the jerseys. I think your philosophy was executed by an NHL team last year (Minnesota?) who rotated the captain based on performance and leadership skills. There are so many different ways to use your system and philosophy - it's great. This season at Novi High School the players will be electing Captains and wearing your letters.

Todd Krygier
Head Coach, Novi High School Varsity
Former NHL Player for the Hartford Whalers, Washington Capitals & Anaheim Ducks

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I used The Captain last season with my PeeWee team. I used it as an incentive / recognition award for my players. From the first time we used the letters, they were an instant hit. The players and their parents loved the idea and the effect. There were many compliments throughout the season from the parents of my team and people from other teams. Before each game, as part of our pre-game talk, I would announce the names of the players receiving the letters for that game and also the reason why they earned the recognition. Initially not knowing what to expect, I was pleasantly surprised by the actions of the players............cheering and clapping for the recipients that day and every game thereafter. For those players wearing the C and the A - there was no doubt that just by wearing the letter, it helped to step up their game.........either the added responsibility, the recognition, the extra confidence.......whatever it was, this was something that helped to motivate them. If a player missed a practice during the week, they were not eligible to wear a letter during the upcoming weekend games. Wearing the letters always had a positive effect on each player.

Bruce Eisdorfer
NJ Freeze Bantam B Head Coach

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I used 'The Captain' system all year. The players waited with great anticipation for me to choose the Captain and Assistants before each game so they could have the letters snapped on. As you know, before I learned of your system, I used tape to make the "C" and "A" for the players for each game. So I am a long "believer" in the positives this system provides. During the year I often gave your name and company contacts out to other coaches who asked where I got my Captain System...

Greg Di Censo
Birmingham, MI Peewee Head Coach

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Both seasons my son played for Coach Bardy, "The Captain" program was used with great success. It motivated the players and gave them a very visible reward for their effort. They knew that they did not have to be the big scorer to earn the "C" or "A". They just had to work hard in practices and games, be a team player and show improvement.

At the end of the season both sets of letters were given to the players that had earned them for their play for the season as a whole. My son was extremely proud that he was given a letter at the team banquet. He still has it today with his hockey memorabilia...Thanks Coach!

William Collins
Parent from 2000-2001 & 2002-2003 seasons

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I have used "The Captain" for 8 Hockey seasons and couldn't imagine entering a game without it!  "The Captain" allows me to give all the players on my team the opportunity to lead both in the locker room and on the ice.  I encourage the Captains and Assistant Captains to address the team as well as lead by example.

The fact that
"The Captain" is re attachable gives you the ultimate flexibility to rotate the leadership roles.  I absolutely love the product and the opportunities it presents!

Robert Massard
Novi, MI Peewee Head Coac

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